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    Paya Virtual Terminal

    Topics on Paya Virtual Terminal

    Test Account Numbers for the Virtual Check/EFT/ACH

    ACH-NACHA Correction and Reject Codes

    Paya Virtual Terminal Training Videos

    How do I Process a Transaction in the Virtual Terminal?

    How to Check for Automatic Batch (auto-close) Settlement in the Virtual Terminal

    How do I log in to my Virtual Terminal?

    How to use the Transaction Types in the Virtual Terminal

    Error: Test Cards Only Response in the Sage Virtual Terminal

    How do I Enable Automatic Settlement in my Virtual Terminal?

    How to turn off Bankcard Order Confirmation E-mails for Virtual Terminal Transactions

    Why can't I swipe transactions through my Sage Software or Virtual Terminal?

    How do I find the Transaction Approval Code in the Virtual Terminal?

    After upgrading Internet Explorer (IE) I can no longer access the Virtual Terminal

    How can I avoid being locked out of the Paya Virtual Terminal?

    How do I Customize my Donation Page?

    Unsettled batches email alert

    How can I accept Diners, JCB or China Union Pay cards

    How to upload a ACH/Virtual Check file

    How to use the MagTek Centurion on a Mac

    How to access a Virtual Terminal test account

    Error: Please verify the form's fields for data similar to a Credit Card number

    How to customize the HTML code for a "Donate" button on a web site.

    How to store customer's credit card numbers in the Virtual Terminal.

    Shipping Options for Paya (built-in) Shopping Cart

    How to Process an International Card in the Virtual Terminal

    How to locate a transaction in the Virtual Terminal

    Error: Unable to Process on Recurring Transaction Summary email

    How to cancel Batch Alert email notifications

    Can the administrator unlock a user once they have been locked out of the Virtual Terminal?

    How to split a single authorization into multiple transactions in the Virtual Terminal

    Virtual Check Authentication

    Uploading a banner image for your Shopping Cart or Donate Now within your Virtual Terminal.

    NACHA operating rules

    How to remove the page header and footer from Virtual Terminal receipts.

    How do I set up donation amounts and descriptions within Donate Now?

    Can I accept Virtual Checks without accepting Credit Cards?

    Error: Batch Close Error

    Defintion of a Frame Target

    Error: Access is Denied in the Virtual Terminal

    How to swipe a card in the Quickbooks plugin

    Not getting a response from the Virtual Terminal after processing a transaction.

    Donate Now: Recurring donation automatically setup when using the Donate Now recurring option

    Donate Now Integration - Is an IT staff member necessary?

    Error: Services Are Not Enabled - Donate Now payment form

    Special characters that are not allowed when uploading a file through the Virtual Terminal

    How to process international cards in the Virtual Terminal

    How far back can I perform a transaction search in the Virtual Terminal?

    Why am I being unexpectedly logged out of the Virtual Terminal?

    Approved/Declined URL feature within Shopping Cart/Donate Now

    Maximum length for the "Product Image URL" in the Sage Virtual Terminal

    Definition of Catalog Service in the Virtual Terminal Shopping cart

    Why does "Customer/Bank" appear instead of the customer's name when swiping a credit card?

    The Tribute Card and Tribute E-mail option in Donate Now

    What is the Designation Service in Donate Now?

    Viewing donations that were submitted.

    How to create a recurring customer that runs today

    The number of Donation amounts that can be preset.

    Donate Now Mailing List option

    Vault records staying active after account is closed

    "Add Only" option in the Shopping Cart

    How to set the font and color on the Donate Now page

    Donate Now Recurring schedule options

    What's the difference between Recurring History and Account History?

    How to upload a banner image to the Donate Now page.

    Real time UPS shipping work for Canadian Merchants

    What is the Anonymous Donor feature in Donate Now?

    The maximum number of designations that can be preset within Donate Now

    Why am I taken directly to a Transaction Search page when I try to submit a transaction?

    Error: Total field on Virtual Terminal transaction page not updating

    When I try to submit a transaction in the Virtual Terminal, I am taken to a search page and the card is not processed.

    Which versions of SSL and TLS does Paya support

    How to delete a recurring customer in the Virtual Terminal

    Error: Billing Address and Zip Code do not match for a Manually Entered Credit Card Transaction

    Understanding Masterpass Payment Service

    Error: INVALID C_RTE

    Does Sage Payment Solutions work with QuickBooks?

    Where can I find my Gateway ID and Gateway Key?

    Am I required to enter the card holder’s address and 3 digit security code when I key enter a sale, or can I skip these prompts?


    Error: INVALID C_SSN

    Merchant VAT

    Error: "forbidden 403 remote error" through ICINITI

    How do I update my browser?

    Error: Decline code 0000VM?

    How do I change the address that my Order Confirmation emails are sent from in Virtual Terminal?

    How do I customize the receipt in the Sage Virtual Terminal?

    Does Zen Cart connect to the Sage Payments Gateway?

    What does the content of the recurring credit card expiration notice look like to customers?

    Comparing data from exported VT reports

    Bankcard Gateway Decline Codes

    How do I Process a Credit (Refund) in the Virtual Terminal?

    How do I find a receipt in the Virtual Terminal?

    How do I Manage Users in the Virtual Terminal?

    How do I Switch my Virtual Terminal Cccount into a Testing Environment?

    How to Enable the E-mail Order Confirmation(s) for Transactions on the Virtual Terminal

    Can I have order information show up on my customer's bank statement?

    How to Process a Transaction in the Virtual Terminal without an Address

    How do I add Paya's e-mail IP address(es) to my SPF record?

    What's the difference between void or credit in the Virtual Terminal?

    How do I process a refund/credit?

    How do I update where my e-mail notifications go?

    How do I set up user permissions in my Virtual Terminal?

    Does the Verosa Quicbooks solution support Level 3 Processing

    Virtual Terminal FAQ

    How do I Change my Address Verification (AVS) Settings in the Virtual Terminal?

    List of test credit card numbers

    How do I Unlock the Virtual Terminal and Reset my Password?

    Error: Index was outside the bounds of the array in the Virtual Terminal

    Error 920001 Credit Vol(ume) Exceeded

    ACH Rejection Code R13

    When can I expect my batch settlements to be deposited into my bank account?

    Error: "Failure HV"

    Support Numbers for Voice Authorizations

    How to access my Merchant Statement in the Virtual Terminal

    How to Determine why a Transaction Declined

    Pre-auths from Sage100 Creating Duplicate Transactions in the Sage Virtual Terminal

    Special Characters that are not Allowed for Payment Processing through the Virtual Terminal

    Sage Payments Security Certificate (SSL) Issues

    The HTML (Product Array) Shopping Cart method

    Which fields are required in an XML file import?

    Definition of Postback

    How to control where the batch close notifications are sent

    Error: “FEP IMPORT ERROR/FAILURE” or "ACH IMPORT ERROR/FAILURE" email notification

    How to determine if a Virtual Check transaction has been rejected by the customer's bank

    Can I use a USB Keyboard Card Reader to process through the Virtual Terminal or through the Paya gateway?

    How to set up recurring transactions in the Sage Exchange Virtual Terminal (SEVT) or VT3.

    How to view full credit card numbers in the Virtual Terminal

    Error: Duplicate Transaction

    How do I Configure IP Restrictions in the Virtual Terminal?

    How to pull a report in the Virtual Terminal

    What is an EFT Repayment?

    How to configure the Sage Shopping Cart to automatically calculate Sales Tax.

    List of customizable features in Donate Now

    Creating a Recurring CSV File Upload

    What is an ACH Account?

    Can I re-initiate a virtual check transaction after it has been returned?

    How to contact Sage Payment Solutions for help with the QuickBooks plug-in

    Access Level Settings for Virtual Terminal Users

    Using Promotion Codes for custom integration

    Setting Up Promotion Codes in the Virtual Terminal

    How to increase a credit card transaction when adjusting an Auth-Only or processing a Force transaction

    How to generate a report that shows the expiration dates of my recurring customers' credit cards.

    Bankcard Confirmation emails sent out on the test system for approved test payments

    Product links in Shopping Cart

    Do web paying customers who make payments on the Sage Payment Form receive a receipt via email?

    What is a virtual check repayment notification?

    Invoice Tracking option in the Shopping Cart

    How to add a donor to your Recurring transaction list.

    Can I connect WooCommerce to my Paya Payments account?

    Where is the sign-in page for the Virtual Terminal?

    Error: Processing Error in the Virtual Terminal

    Is there a cut-off time for Virtual Check batches?

    How to read the text file in the batch close emails.

    How often do I have to change my Virtual Terminal password?

    Web paying customers able to see the Transaction Details have an option to Void the transaction due to an AVS mismatch.

    How to connect a YOLA shopping cart to Sage Payments

    Why am I getting partial or no deposits on my Virtual Check batches?

    Selling items in addition to accepting donations online

    How to perform Address Verification withough charging a credit card.

    How to update the email address used for unlocking the Virtual Terminal and retrieving a password

    Virtual Terminal Reports for purchases made in the Shopping Cart

    How to preview the Donate Now web page before saving the changes

    Support Contact for Verosa QuickBooks Plugin

    Color Codes for the Donate Now page

    The process once a donation has been submitted

    Uploading a batch file to the Virtual Terminal without settling it

    Adding an Order ID to a recurring transaction

    Why was I sent back to login page after trying to sign in to the Virtual Terminal?

    Virtual Check Description of Originator IDs

    What is the Quick Actions box in the Virtual Terminal?

    T_Tax and T_Shipping value errors when processing a CSV batch upload

    How to determine the bit version of your computer

    What is an ACH Reject Fee?

    ACH Reject Code R29

    Swipers that are compatible with Ebizmarts mobile application

    SHA256 Operating System compatibility list

    What is a GUID?

    Why can't I void a transaction in the Virtual Terminal?

    What is the difference between capture and settle?

    What is the Virtual Terminal?

    Enabling or disabling shipping options in Shopping Cart and Express Pay

    Sample CSV file formatting for batch upload

    Virtual Terminal transaction source descriptions

    Determining the issuer of your customer’s credit card

    What is Opencart?


    Can voided transactions be undone?

    Accessing Sage Marketplace

    How do I re-run a transaction in the Virtual Terminal?

    Error: ERROR 0154 Debit

    Can I be provided with an export of a NACHA file for my recurring donors?

    How do I disable Payment Methods for my Virtual Terminal or Sage Exchange Shopping Cart?

    Do I have to ask a returning customer for their information every time their card is charged?

    How do I manually settle my batch in the Virtual Terminal?

    How do I set up customers for recurring payments in the Virtual Terminal?

    How do I change my Card Verification Value (CVV/CVV2) settings in the Virtual Terminal?

    How do I send e-mail confirmations to customers?

    Transaction Status: Expired

    How do I void a transaction in the Virtual Terminal?

    How long does a credit/refund take to reflect on a customer's bank account?

    How long are authorizations valid for?

    Voided transaction still in customer's bank account

    How do I view my transaction history or settled batches?

    How do I add a new user?

    How do I export reports?

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