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    Error: Batch Close Error

    Error: Batch Close Error -- Pending Batches 


    • A Credit Card settlement for this merchant had been placed in suspense
    • What happens if my batch fails to settle?


    In rare cases, a batch will fail to settle due to invalid character formatting or communication errors. When this happens, the batch goes into a "Pending" status. These transactions will still appear in your open batch, but will return a "Batch Close Error" if settlement is attempted:

    Below is how to view the batch status once failed notification is received:

    1. You can use the Virtual Terminal to see if you have a pending batch. From the Reporting menu, select Current Batch

    2. Look under the Status column. Any transactions that are part of a pending batch will say "Pending":


    Pending transactions are not lost. Virtual Terminal Technical Support is notified of all pending batches; our technicians research and resolve them individually, as a top priority. Upon resolution, an email is sent to the address on file. It begins with "A Credit Card settlement for this merchant had been placed in suspense. Research has indicated that the batch was not successfully settled."

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