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    Different transaction types in Paya Exchange Virtual Terminal


    What are the different transaction types in the Virtual Terminal?


    The Paya Exchange Virtual Terminal can process several different types of transactions:

    • Sale: The standard credit card transaction that places an authorization on the card for the requested amount (ready for settlement).
    • AuthOnly: Also known as a 'pre-auth', this places an authorization on the card for the requested amount; however, the amount can be adjusted once to accommodate for shipping, tip, or other charges that cannot be determined at the time of authorization. Must be adjusted or captured before it can be settled.
    • Credit: A refund that is used to put money back onto a card (ready for settlement).
    • Force: An offline transaction that is used to insert a transaction into your batch, when you have a pre-existing approval code (ready for settlement).

    Additionally, transactions may show as one of these types after they have been processed:

    • Prior Auth: Also known as a 'post-auth', is either a 'Force' transaction or an 'AuthOnly' that has been adjusted or captured.
    • Void: A transaction that was canceled before settlement (cannot be settled).
    • Expired: A transaction that was not settled within 7-calendar days of authorization.

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