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    Paya Exchange Posting Options for Sage50


    I've set up my components and connections in Paya Exchange. Why are my transactions are still not posting to Sage50?


    If you have successfully configured your components and connections within Paya Exchange, but transactions from outside sources are not appearing in Sage50, it's possible that you may need to configure Transaction Posting within Sage50.

    To check your Posting Method Settings, go to the Maintain menu (in Sage50, not Paya Exchange) and select Company Information:


    Press the button for Posting Method:


     A window will appear, allowing you to choose your Posting Method:

     The options are:

    • Real-time posting
    • Batch posting
    • SmartPosting (Sage50 Quantum only)

    If you are using Sage50 Quantum, we strongly recommend you select SmartPosting. If you are using another version of Sage50, we suggest Real-time posting. Both these methods allow transactions to post to Sage50 immediately and automatically.

    Batch posting will also allow transactions to post to Sage50; if you opt to use this method, however, transactions must be posted manually. To do this:

    Navigate to the Tasks --> System --> Post menu option:


    Select the Journal/s to post, and then press OK:


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