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    Adding Point of Sale Devices (POS) and Software Products (VARs) as Components in Paya Exchange


    Do I have the ability to add other Point of Sale devices (POS) or software products (VARs) as components in Paya Exchange?


    Yes, certain Non-Paya Exchange devices can post back to the Paya Exchange Portal and into your Accounting software product. 

    Examples of these products could include Verifone, Omni, Hypercom terminals, some 3rd party VARs and shopping carts. After you process and settle a batch on any device on your merchant account, it will automatically appear as a new component in Paya Exchange, which you should rename for easy identification. In order to have it posted to Sage50, you will need to set up a connection for this device.

    In the how-to guides in Paya Exchange, there is a video walking you through how to connect your component.

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