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    How to Cancel Batch Alert E-mail Notifications

    Please Note: The Paya Virtual Terminal has been updated to a newer version that offers new features and functionality of the program. This article refers to the previous version. For instructions on using the new Paya Exchange Virtual Terminal, please visit New Sage Exchange: Frequently Asked Questions

    Discontinuing the Batch Alert email notifications


    Can I stop batch alert e-mail notifications?


    These e-mails are to remind you about transactions in your open batch and cannot be turned off for individual accounts; however, they can be avoided by requesting auto-close be changed to 2 AM or earlier.

    Our system scans every Virtual Terminal account daily between 3 AM - 4 AM EST/EDT for open transactions regardless of whether the automatic settlement is set up or not. If you have transactions in your open batch during this time, you will receive a Batch Alert E-mail Notification. Please submit a ticket if you wish to make a change to your auto-close time.  

    Important: The auto-close will only automatically settle Sale, Prior Auth, and Credit transactions. Auth-Only transactions must be converted to a Prior Auth in order to be settled.

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