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    How to upload multiple inventory items using CSV


    Paya EMV Mobile


    Uploading multiple inventory items


    A CSV file can be used to import multiple records. The first row should contain the column names. The following columns are required:

    id:                                *Do Not Delete or Edit* - This number is set by the application and used to update existing items.

    name:                           This value is required and must be unique. Example: Super Widget

    sku:                               The value is required. Example: ETG-123434

    price:                            This value is required. number/Decimal (no $ sign). Example 19.99

    status:                          Must be one of the following values: 'active' or 'removed'.  Example: removed

    on_hand_count:         Must be a number. Example: 28

    taxable:                        Must be one of the following values: 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'. Example: TRUE

    track_inventory:        Must be one of the following values: 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'. Example: FALSE 

    Note:  You can add and update items with the same csv file. Follow these guidelines to ensure a successful upload:

    When Adding New Items            Leave the id field blank

    When Editing Existing Items        Make sure you do not edit or delete the id field, this is how application keeps track of the item being updated.

    Use CSV files only, attempts to upload excel spreadsheets will lead to unexpected results.  Download the Sample CSV to view an example of the CSV format that SwipeSimple accepts. sample_items.csv

    If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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