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    How to create a new role in Paya Exchange


    How do I create a new Role?



    Paya Exchange grants you access to various products and features. A role is a set of pre-defined permissions that can be easily assigned to any number of users in Paya Exchange (every user must be assigned a role).

    To create a new Role, please follow the steps below:

    • Click the ‘Administration’ tab, select ‘Roles’, and then click the ‘Add New Role’ button.
    • Enter a ‘Role Name’, this is the identifier that will be displayed when assigning a role to a user.
    • Assign permissions to the role by clicking the access checkboxes:
      • Paya Exchange Main Features
        • Every role must have access to at least one of the following Permissions: Administration, Connections, Dashboard, Products, or Reports.
      • Merchant Accounts
        • These permissions give users access to specific Merchant accounts in the Dashboard, Connections Reporting, and the payment processing mini-apps.
      • Terminals
        • These permissions give users the ability to view transaction information in conjunction with the Merchant Accounts Permissions.
        • To view transaction information in Paya Exchange, a user's assigned role must have access to at least one Merchant Account and at least one Terminal assigned to that Merchant Account.
      • Products
        • These permissions give users the ability to add additional services to an account, which may involve additional costs.
      • Virtual Terminal
        • These permissions allow users to access the various payment processing mini-apps available in Paya Exchange.
      • Click ‘Save' once all changes are complete.


    The newly created Role will be available for selection when adding a new user.

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