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    Signature capture window is clearing as soon as the stylus is lifted from the screen on the ISC Series


    Paya Connect

    ISC 250 Touch

    ISC480 Touch


    I am attempting a signature capture with the ISC250 touch/ISC480 touch. The signature clears immediately after the stylus is lifted and makes it impossible to complete a transaction.  


    The screen needs to be calibrated:

    1. Reboot the unit by holding the back (yellow) key and the dash (-) key unit the unit beeps 
    2. Wait for the 'Retail Baseload' screen to show up:


    1. Immediately type [2][6][3][4][enter][+][+]
    2. If successful, the screen will load a message that says press [+] for the menu; press the [+] key
    3. Select the 'Telium Manager' menu by pressing the [enter] key
    4. Press the Dash [-] key to navigate down to the 'Initialization' menu and press [enter]
    5. Press the Dash [-] key to select the 'Hardware' menu and press [enter]
    6. Press the Dash [-] key to select 'Calibration' and press [enter]
    7. Press [+] key to select 'Yes' and press [enter]
    8. DO NOT TOUCH the screen until the screen returns to the hardware menu
    9. Repeat step 1 to reboot the unit and this should resolve the issue

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