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    What are some frequently asked questions about the Advanced Fraud Protection service?


    Advanced Fraud Protection frequently asked questions


    What decline code is associated with the Advanced Fraud Protection service?

    930000 - Fraud Risk

    Is their a fee for this service?
    Yes.  Please see your Paya sales representative for pricing details

    What transactions are reviewed by this service?
    We are only including transactions entered via a customer-facing  interface. This applies to transactions entered using "Donate Now", the "Shopping Cart", "Payment js" and the "Sage Exchange Virtual Desktop"

    How do I disable the service?
    A ticket must be submitted to our to risk department including details on why you want to be removed from the service.

    Can I bypass AFP if I believe the transaction isn't fraudulent?
    Running the transaction manually in the VT would bypass the AFP service. Note: the gateway risk control settings, such as AVS and CVV, can still decline the transaction.

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