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    Moneris CA - Merchant Support contact list



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    Is there a quick reference guide to help direct merchants to specific support resources?




    Issue Action
    My Moneris merchant account was just approved. What do I need in order to start processing transactions?  
    1. Please ensure that you’ve activated your e-Select Plus account by visiting: https://www3.moneris.com/mpg/activate
    1. Contact Paya Customer Enablement Team via Email or phone:
    Note: Prior to calling, please ensure that you’ve installed your Sage Software.
    Issues with Sage Exchange Desktop or for any other technical questions.
    Please search the Paya Knowledgebase for a solution:
    Contact the Paya VT Support Team:
    • 877-470-4001
      (M-F: 8 am – 8pm; Sat: 9 am – 6 pm EST Sun: Closed) 
    I have questions about billing, chargebacks, account changes, and reconciliation.
    In addition to any Merchant financial issues.
    You may access and review a list of frequently asked questions:
    Contact Moneris’ 24/7 support center:
    • 866-319-7450
    How do I View/download daily or monthly transactions reports?
    You may access Merchant Direct portal:
    Contact Moneris’ 24/7 support center:
    • 866-319-7450



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