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    Fraud Alert

    Important Fraud Alert Announcement April 2018

    We have recently observed an increase in the number of fraudulent wholesale orders received by our customers. In an effort to assist our customers in preventing chargebacks/disputes and potential losses stemming from such orders, we would like to make you bring this type of activity to your attention. 

    Please be cautious of the following types of patterns when receiving a large wholesale order from a new customer:

    • Orders that pertain to unusually large quantities of the same product or similar products, especially products that are not typically in high demand.
    • New customers that contact you through e-mail only, especially through e-mails received from free domains, such as yahoo.com, hotmail.com, aol.com, and gmail.com.
    • Customers that contact you through VOIP phone lines, such as Google Voice, or through phone numbers that do not return to an actual business. Please note the area code of the phone number utilized to contact you and ensure that it is the same as the location of their business.
    • Requests for immediate processing of an order and overnight delivery, regardless of the cost.
    • Customer requests for wire payments back to them, especially in instances where the customer appears to have over-paid for an order using a credit card. Never wire funds back to a customer who has provided payment by credit card. Only issue a refund on the same credit card utilized for payment.
    • Orders with shipping addresses that return to freight forwarding services, PO boxes, or shipping company locations.
    • Large orders are received from countries in which you do not conduct business, especially international orders.
    • Single large orders are placed by a new customer, where payment is provided on multiple credit card numbers, with different billing names and addresses than the customer's business name and address. In addition please be prudent when a customer provides payment on multiple credit cards issued by the same bank (same first six digits of the card number), with different billing names and addresses.

    If you have concerns regarding an order that follows one or more of the characteristics above, please do not process the payment, as it may lead to a chargeback/dispute, and a potential loss. Any questions pertaining to potential fraud orders can be directed to the Paya Risk Department or by phone at (855) 244-2541.

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