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    How do I use Sage Exchange Desktop Silent Installer?

    Sage Exchange Desktop (SED)

    Starting with Sage Exchange Desktop and greater we will offer a Silent Installer for an enterprise organization.  This will allow Systems administrators to roll out upgrades and new installations through a pushed network installation (group policy.)  This will allow IT teams, to prevent individual users from updating without the proper user permission, and does not require any user input.  


    Please note: If you think that this solution will fit your organization's needs please contact your systems administrator before attempting to use this solution.   

    The Silent Install version of SED 2.0 is recommended for larger organizations who have admin restrictions at the user/workstation level. It is also useful for enterprise organizations who have the ability to push network installation (group policy). The Silent Install version does not update automatically. SED 2.0 Silent Installation is a Windows Installer file (a file with MSI extension) that internally uses existing standard SED 2.0 installation process but does not require any user input.


    SED 2.0 Silent Installation requires the following items:

    • Internet access to download the latest SED 2.0 Bootstrapper
    • AppDeploy version 1.0.5 or higher (delivered inside the Bootstrapper package)


    • Download the SED 2.0 Silent Installation file from https://www.sageexchange.com/install.
      • Select Sage Exchange Desktop v2.x from the Downloads menu at the top of the page, as shown below:

    • Scroll down to the Silent Installation section and click Download Installer in the Sage Exchange Desktop Distributor row.
    • Run the file when it has finished downloading. The file installs the latest version of SED 2.0 without displaying any user interface. No additional user actions are required during the installation.
      • When the installation is completed, a Sage Exchange Desktop shortcut will be available in the Start Menu under the Sage Payment Solutions folder, as shown below:


    The SED 2.0 Silent Install, installs the Sage Exchange Desktop Distributor application. The SED Distributor application includes the following features:

    • Install SED 2.0 in attended and unattended/silent modes.
    • Check whether a user skipped the last SED 2.0 update.
    • Enable and disable the SED 2.0 update check that is usually performed when the application launches.

    The SED Distributor application is installed in one of the following locations depending on your system architecture:

    • Program Files\Sage Payment Solutions\Application Distributor
    • Program Files (x86)\Sage Payment Solutions\Application Distributor

    The following user interface displays when you execute the Application Distributor program without any command line arguments:

    • Select the appropriate options for your system and click Save & Close.

    The SED Distributor application supports the following command line arguments:

    • /Quiet – Hides the UI and installs the latest available SED 2.0 without any user interaction.
    • /EnableSEDUpdate - Enables SED 2.0 check for updates every time SED 2.0 starts.
    • /DisableSEDUpdate - Disables SED 2.0 check for updates every time SED 2.0 starts.
    • /? or /ShowEvents - Shows help information in the event viewer window and waits for SED installation events as shown in the image below


    To learn more about the Sage Exchange Desktop Installation options Check Out the Github Implementation Guide

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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